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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    Stars Beneath Us

    StarsBeneathUs_coverFINALClick the image to order.

    Paul Wallace is an astrophysicist who writes with magic, seamlessly blending story and theory, biblical texts and scientific concepts. This book will make you think. But also make you laugh. It will not only scratch an intellectual itch in your mind, but will touch your heart, connecting faith and reason in a way you ll actually enjoy—even call fun.”

    –Andrew Root, Professor at Luther Seminary and author of The Relational Pastor

    “Just as surely as atheism follows conventional theism for many people who face the realities of science and the agonies of life, a new kind of faith and a new vision of God can arise from the ashes of a lost and discredited belief. Paul Wallace tells his story of such a loss and recovery in a way that encouraged and inspired me and I believe will do the same for you.”

    –Brian D. McLaren, Author, speaker, and activist

    “Paul Wallace’s Stars Beneath Us appeals to Christians, intellectuals, and those who identify as both. To enter Wallace’s book is to be swept up in his quirky, astute, big-hearted way of striving towards mystery, both upon this planet and beyond. This is the only religion-and-science book I have ever devoured in one sitting.

    –Sharon Stephenson, Professor of Physics, Gettysburg College

    Stars Beneath Us by Paul Wallace will be of great help to many who are eager to reconcile religion and science but who, in C. S. Lewis’s words, ‘find their intellect getting in the way.’ This book is likely to challenge believers who prefer to safeguard their faith from the findings of science and will encourage scientifically minded people who find themselves alienated by conventional religious beliefs.”

    –Julie Pennington-Russell, Pastor, First Baptist Church of the City of Washington, DC

    “If you’re tired of debates that pit the Bible against science or bored of arguments over the compatibility between Genesis and evolution—and yet remain convinced that we have much yet to learn about the positive relationship between science and faith—Paul Wallace’s Stars Beneath Us is the next book for you to read. As a scientist, a theologian, and an educator, he is just the one we need to remind us just how interesting the conversation between science and faith can be.”

    –David Wood, Glencoe Union Church, senior minister



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