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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    How to forget your insignificance

    There’s a terrible lot of out there out there — SBU, p 137 I WRITE A┬áregular column for Nurturing Faith. It’s an ask-the-scientist-a-question thing. In the current issue a reader asks: “Taking into account scientific calculations for the size and expansion and age of the cosmos, what is your view of the spiritual significance of […]

    The deepest truth about love

    Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee, The Darkest Truth About Love Trent Gilliss featured this video last week at On Being. Released earlier this year by Hannah Jacobs and Lara Lee, it takes the words of Alain de Botton, our most literate and urbane public atheist, and animates them. According to Gilliss, the video “speaks with […]

    A man so in love with the world

    Maurice Sendak died on 8 May 2012. Thanks to Arni at I Think I Believe for bringing this to my attention “To those who consider themselves on the safe side of belief, [Simone Weil] teaches the uncomfortable truth that the unbelief of many atheists is closer to a true love of God and a true […]

    Big Head Todd and the mass extinction problem

    Todd Park Mohr of Big Head Todd and the Monsters recording at Ardent Studios in Memphis. I missed BHTM back in the 1990’s when they had their major-scale success; I blame graduate school for this. But a good friend introduced them to me several years ago and to this day I am grateful to him […]


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