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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    The big one is coming

    Total solar eclipse of November 2012, photographed from Queensland, Australia. Click image to enlarge THE INTERNETS OVERHYPE everything, and everything includes astronomical events. Take, for example, last month’s full moon-eclipse-comet incident. Online media had a whale of a time with that one, with headlines national and otherwise trumpeting it as a Triple Treat, a Stargazer’s Delight, a […]

    Happy Pi Day!

    The image shows the first 5,060 digits of pi. That’s a lot of digits, but you can see 10,000 here, 100,000 here or 1,000,000 here. If you’re really into it and are looking for a great Pi Day time sink, you can search the first 2,000,000,000 (that’s two billion!) digits of pi here. It’s fun; look […]

    Forget the beach. This summer visit PSO J318.5-22

    It has been an outstanding month for astronomy. On 20 January it was announced that there is strong evidence for the existence of a ninth planet, a real honker orbiting far beyond Neptune (and also beyond poor disrespected Pluto). Then of course there was yesterday’s unveiling of our first direct evidence of gravitational waves, rippling […]

    Can you forget how to believe in God?

    Destin forgot how to ride a bike. Can we forget how to believe in God? See more excellent videos by Destin at Smarter Every Day Keith, my brother in law, is a Baptist (like me). Unlike me, however, he has spent a number of years in the Episcopal Church. One of the things he’ll tell […]


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