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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    Yes, quantum physics is weird, but let’s not lose our senses

    Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment designed to point out the silliness of over-interpreting quantum mechanics. It was devised in 1935. Alas: the silliness remains This Atlantic article was published back in April but it has come to my attention only recently. Two friends have independently sent it to me in the last month and asked […]

    How to talk to creationists

    The Phillip Medhurst Picture Torah 14, Temptation of Adam and Eve. Photo illustration by Juliana Jiménez Jaramillo I received a note from a youth pastor yesterday. He is fascinated by science but works in a Midwestern church that leans heavily toward Young Earth Creationism. He asked me: “When you’ve had conversations with staunch creationists how do […]

    Question: What does Einstein have in common with Jesus? I mean, besides Jewishness?

    Einstein in his Princeton office, 1944 Answer: Everybody wants him on their side. Christians themselves agree on little beyond Jesus’ centrality. Conservatives, liberals, revolutionaries, prosperity preachers, LGBT activists, fundamentalists, mystics, creationists, the rich, the poor, all see what they want to see in Jesus. And we at psnt.net are as guilty as anyone. Plenty of […]

    Too simple to be wrong: the Bronze Age Goat Herder Conceit

    My favorite goat herder: the constellation Auriga, copyright Sergey Mikhaylov. Auriga is usually called the Charioteer, but he’s almost always pictured as a goatherd on celestial maps. For those of us at mid-northern latitudes, he’s high overhead for most of these long winter nights. Image source: Bigstock Note: This is a reworked version of a […]


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