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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    Barry Moser, Flannery O’Connor (detail). Wood engraving. See the original at moser-pennyroyal.com. Used with permission of the artist

    We love art!

    Art can say many things that words cannot. Therefore we do our best to bring captivating art to our readers. And we are grateful to the artists who have so freely allowed us to use their work. Here’s a directory of all the artists featured here, along with links to their pages (or pages about them) and pointers to the posts that feature their work.

    Many of these works are in the public domain, but not all of them. We have made efforts to obtain permissions from all currently active artists or from the works’ copyright holders. Most, but not all, of these efforts have been successful. If you are an artist listed here or are a copyright holder for any work on psnt.net, and you prefer the work not to be posted here, please contact us and let us know. We will promptly remove the relevant image(s).

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    Abbas, Chris and The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Cassini Mission, from TBSP, Reznor style, 6.14.11

    American Museum of Natural History. The Known Universe, from Put this in your pipe and smoke it, 3.27.10

    Athanasiadis, Iason. Sufi Dhikir Ceremony, from Dream on, 3.30.10

    Audubon, John James. American Flamingo, from In praise of nature’s grace, 6.3.10

    Audubon, John James. American Crow, from God and the Blackbird, 7.5.16

    Audubon, John James, Mango Hummingbird, from Three months, three birds, 8.17.16

    Bailey, Michael. Looking Back, from What we have lost, 8.23.11

    Baumgartner, Jack. Jacob Wrestling the Angel of the Lord, from The magnificent defeat, 9.1.11

    Bay, Borgny. Chart of Evolution, from The same, only different: Islam and Evolution at Wheaton, 1.20.16

    Behrens, Roy. William James, from William James considers the M word, 8.27.10

    Berman, Eugene. The Good Samaritan, from Jerry Coyne falls into the gap, 8.4.11

    Beyer, Wolfgang. The Mandelbrot Set, from Art Sunday: The spectacular Mandelbrot Set, 3.20.11

    Blake, William. Newton, from When I heard the annoy’ng poet, 5.21.10

    Blitt, Barry. Cover of New Yorker, 21 July 2008, from Fear of a Muslim planet, 9.23.10

    Bonnell, Daniel. The Road to Emmaus, from Hidden in plain sight, 1.18.11

    Bonnell, Daniel. Adam and Eve, from On sex and negative theology, 7.6.11

    Brandt, Nick. Elephant Drinking, from Creation in the Time of Trump, 11.10.16

    Bosch, Hieronymus. Christ Before Pilate, from Christine O’Donnell: What is truth?, 9.20.10

    Bosch, Hieronymus. The Garden of Earthly Delights, from In search of Eden, 2.22.11

    Bosch, Hieronymus. Ascent of the Blessed, from Near-death experiences? Not good news for Christians, 4.15.15

    Botticelli, Sandro. Mystic Nativity, from Fear not, 12.25.10

    Cameron, Julia Margaret. Charles Darwin, from Michael Ruse on Darwin and atheism. Thinking like Jesus, 2.15.11

    Caravaggio. Salome with the Head of the Baptist, from Some Baptists just can’t keep their heads, 8.31.10

    Chagall, Marc. White Crucifixion, from Why I am a Christian, 12.23.10

    Chagall, Marc. Moses Receiving the Tablets of the Law, fromA bright new decalogue for a bright new world. We smile, 2.12.11

    Chagall, Marc. Abraham Walking with Isaac to the Land of Moriah, from Fear and trembling, 10.5.10

    Chagall, Marc. Elijah Touched by an Angel, from Thoughts on solitude, 8.18.10

    Chesek, Craig. Quetzelcoatlus, from Depressed? Have you considered Quetzalcoatlus?, 12.28.14

    da Bergognone, Ambrogio. The Ordination of St Augustine, from My testimony, 11.10.14

    Davis, Cassandra. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, from On creationism and gay marriage, 9.26.14

    de La Tour, Georges. The Newborn Christ, from Advent II: Karl Barth and the nativity’s troubling ambiguity, 12.4.10

    DOMA. Astronaut Jesus, from Space Ranger Jesus rocks the Drake Equation, 7.25.10

    Doré, Gustav. Rosa Celeste, from Imagine there’s no heaven, 10.13.10

    Dürer, Albrecht. Stars of the Southern Sky, from The sacred and secular in ten minutes, 11.2.14

    Dyer, Alan. Milky Way Amid the Trees, from Give a personalized gift of SBU and help me do my little bit for the environment, 11.14.16

    Efendi, Hattat Aziz. Al-Fatiha: The Opening, from A Muslim approaches the Qur’an and its vilifiers, 9.10.10

    Eichenberg, Fritz. The Black Crucifixion, from Did Jesus really die for our sins?, 3.22.11

    Erb, Grant. Calm Sunset, from Fr. Richard Rohr on three ways of seeing, 2.12.11

    Eric of Taizé. Transfiguration, from More on atheism and negative theology, 12.16.10

    Fender, Vaughn. Elijah Fed by Ravens, from Hope is the thing with feathers, 11.28.16

    Fra Angelico, Peter Martyr Enjoins Silence, from XI. Thou shalt not speak before thinking, 3.28.11

    Gauguin, Paul. The Yellow Christ, from Are you a Christian? Oh yeah, what kind?, 11.5.10

    Gee, MarkFull Moon Silhouettes from Start your Monday here, 3.31.14

    Gijón, Francisco Antonio. Saint John of the Cross, from Man, John of the Cross sure could have used some selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Then he could have avoided that whole Dark Night thing, 7.29.10

    Giotto de Bondone. The Adoration of the Magi, from Advent III: Behold the star, or comet, or supernova, or planetary conjunction, or UFO, or celestial trope, of Bethlehem, 12.11.10

    Gordon, Peter F. Oxymoron, from On Christian atheism and reverent deconstruction, 7.1.11

    Gozzoli, Benozzo. The Glory of Saint Thomas Aquinas. from Nonsense for the rest of us, 5.29.10

    Grizjuk, Tamara. Detachment, from On detachment: what religion can learn from science, 11.21.11

    Guglielmo. Jorge in Wonderland, from Living and loving in the multiverse, or, the trouble with Jesus as a dolphin, 1.2.11

    Haeckel, Ernst. Geneological Tree of Humanity, from Teaching evolution: The medium is the message, 11.16.11

    Halsman, Phillipe. Dalí Atomicus, from Salvador Dalí and the curse of feel-good science, 8.5.10

    Hans Holbein the Younger. The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb, from The Body of Christ, shattered again, 5.17.10

    Hikaru, Nakamuro. Panel from Saint Young Men, from Jesus and Buddha are alive and well in suburban Tokyo, 11.29.10

    Hogarth, William. The Distress’d Poet, from Kim Frabicius on the literal and the literary, 8.11.11

    Hopper, Edward. Soir bleu, from The joys of asymmetry, 5.18.10

    Hopper, Edward. Sun in an Empty Room, from The absence, 6.8.11

    Hopper, Edward. Dauphinee House, from No place to call home: on Richard Dawkins’ academy, atheists in church, and the emptiness of scientism, 12.9.11

    Huang, Cary and Michael. The Scale of the Universe, from The universe on a slider, 12.1.10

    Jamarillo, Juliana Jiménez. The Phillip Medhurst Picture Torah 14, Temptation of Adam and Eve, Photo illustration, from How to talk to creationists, 3.24.16

    Jesus and Mo. edge, from On making stuff up, featuring Michael Shermer on Colbert, 7.13.11

    Karmym. Open Hearted, from Om mani padme hum, y’all: HHDL visits Atlanta, 10.11.10

    Kennard, Garry. Paula Rison Gray, from How I met my wife or: Why I feel nauseated every time I think about the Incarnation, 4.8.14

    Klee, Paul. Bird Garden, from Joy is waiting in the woods, 10.24.16

    Koren, Vasily, God Reposing on the Sabbath, from Time for a sabbatical, 4.5.11

    Kulhánek, Oldřich. Job No. 1, from An ash heap with a view, 9.14.10, 3.9.11

    Larkin, Clarence. Book of Revelation, from Theology gone bad, 8.29.11

    LaRue, Lucky. Altoids That Bite, from Keep Austin somewhat less weird, 12.2.11

    Lawrence, Jacob. Eight Studies for the Book of Genesis, No. 7: “And God Created Man and Woman,” from The life-giving vision of Jacob Lawrence, 2.28.11

    Leaf, Munro. The Story of Ferdinand, from Smelling the flowers just quietly: Ferdinand on life, 2.20.11

    Magnus, Olaus. Carta marina, from Welcome to the boundary: dragons, dark, a desert, 5.11.10

    Magritte, René. The Treachery of Images, from This is not a blog post. Or is it?, 6.30.10

    Mandel, Steve. Proboscis Monkey, from Ask the animals, 9.18.16

    Martin, Raúl. Apatosaurs, from Evolution and the art of dying well, 8.7.10

    Master Bertram, Grabow Altarpiece, from The World is not finite: final questions from the youth of Edina, 4.27.16

    Master of the Life of the Virgin. Nicholas of Cusa, from (Learned) ignorance is bliss, 4.9.10

    Malham, Joseph. A Portrait of Thomas Merton, from In gratitude for Thomas Merton, 12.10.10

    Macleod, Murdo. Richard Dawkins, from Richard Dawkins on science as religion, 11.18.10

    Mathisen, Tor Even. Flowing Auroras Over Tromsø, Norway, from Did it really have to be like this?, 11.24.10

    Michelangelo. La Pietà, from La Pietà and the cosmos, 9.22.10

    Modigliani, Amedeo. Portrait of a Polish Woman, from Atheism: probably not for sad people, 10.15.10

    Moser, Barry. Flannery O’Connor, from Flannery O’Connor and the end of all things, 11.28.11

    Neff, John. Performing 4’33’ by John Cage, from Advent IV: Let’s hear it for silence, 12.20.10

    Newman, Arnold. Ayn Rand, 1964, from Ayn Rand’s perfect illusion or: Why my son will probably survive Anthem, 9.2.14

    O’Brien, Michael D. Christ in Gethsemane, from The hour is at hand, 4.1.10

    Perrin, Lisa. The Triumph of Reason, fromThe third way, 8.20.10

    Preece, Lisa. Depression, from More on depression and dark nights, 11.14.10

    Purdie, Madelene. Stations of the Cross, from The only way out is through, 8.16.11

    Pyke, Steve. Dalai Lama, from On HHDL and the ironic practice of religion, 12.14.12

    Rabodzeenko, Andrei. Prodigal Son, from Lying on a bed of nails: More on Johnny Cash, the prodigal son, and the truth of stories, 9.19.11

    Ramsay, Allan. Portrait of David Hume, from We like Hume. He doesn’t flame us, 3.5.11

    Ransom, Jason. Stephen Hawking in Waterloo, from Let’s give it up for The Wheeled One and his amazing disappearing God, 9.5.10

    Raphael Sanzio da Urbino. Study for St. Paul Preaching in Athens, from Two apologies for apologetic, 9.8.10

    Richards, Ceri. The Supper at Emmaus, from Start with the person: Why I affirm same-sex marriage, 10.13.14

    Rothko, Mark. No. 61 (Rust and Blue), from Mark Rothko recovers the sparrow, 5.10.10

    Sakkal, Mamoun. Hajj, from A Christian considers the Hajj, 11.22.10

    Satrapi, Marjane. Frame from Persepolis, from You’ll never guess who’s angry at God, 1.5.11

    Scarlati, Anthony. Todd Park Mohr, from Big Head Todd and the ambiguity of beauty, 7.25.11

    Schnorr von Carolsfeld, JuliusWoodcut for “Die Bibel in Bildern from So this pastor is now an atheist, and he’s kind of got a point, 1.7.15

    Schrantz, Rick. Ceraurus milleranus, from Science envy is alive and well in old Kentucky, 1.6.11

    Shaw, Michael. No one said we couldn’t eat the snake, from Five on the fall, 10.9.10

    Simmons, Scott. Eastern Phoebe, from Grief is the cleanest cut, 11.16.16

    Sood, Vivek. Kamadhenu, from Sacred cows and other imaginary friends, 2.5.11

    Stern, Pia. The Room of Longing, from Art Sunday: Seven from Sister Wendy, 3.27.11

    Stern, Pia. Rondo for Galileo, from Art Sunday: Pia Stern’s wonderful way out, 7.10.11

    Stern, Pia. The Beginning (The End), from The beginning (the end), 1.09.12

    Stern, Pia. The Improbable Duality of Being, from Koan: science and theology, 1.16.13

    Stern, Pia. A Simple Human Existence, from Is there a Christian self?, 9.9.14

    Stieglitz, Alfred. Georgia O’Keeffe, from Introducing Art Sundays, 3.6.11

    Stilwell, Phil. Schoolgirls on Bikes, from Artist directory, 2.25.11

    Struth, Thomas. Rothko Chapel, Houston, from The path of disbelief, 1.26.11

    Tafreshi, Babak. Crescent Pair, from Under an Iranian sky, a Tuscan comes to mind, 11.11.10

    Tenniel, John. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: the Caterpillar, from Who are you? Explain yourself! Thus spake the Caterpillar, 1.14.11

    Theophanes the GreekIcon of the Transfiguration of Jesus, from Idols and icons, 6.27.11

    Tiffany, Louis Comfort. Education (detail), from Just as we expected: big majority rejects conflict, 3.25.14

    Tran, Anneka. Solar System, from Step 1: Forget what you know, 4.7.10

    United States Geological Survey. Time Spiral, from Beware the cosmic charlatan, 1.8.11

    van Gogh, Vincent. Self-Portraits, from Sanity is not all that, 9.27.10

    Varga, Christina. Jesus and Buddha from Neobyzantine Triptych, from Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria! Or not, 6.25.10

    Velázquez, Diego. Las Meninas, from Art Sunday: Seven from Sister Wendy, 3.27.11

    von Aachen, Hans. Johannes Kepler, from Johannes Kepler, Christian astronomer and flat-out genius, opposed intelligent design 400 years ago. This is a man worth knowing, 12.27.10

    Weinstein, Brett. His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Emory University, 2007, from HHDL on Buddhadharma and science, 10.21.10

    Wernquist, Erik. Wanderers, from Want to base jump Verona Rupes? Feed the hungry, 12.19.14

    Wolleh, Lothar. René Magritte, from Negating the inverted inversion: why most atheists reject far too little, 12.18.10

    Wyeth, Andrew. Christina’s World, from Silence in the City, 3.4.11

    Zig (Andrew Liepzig). Christina’s World Exit 6, from Silence in the City, 3.4.11

    Anonymous. Image from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, from There is no security, 4.14.10

    Anonymous. The Wheel of Life, from This too shall pass, 6.7.10

    Anonymous. Crusade, from Quick! Gird up your loins! Defend the faith! Ok, but I have a few questions first, 7.1.10

    Anonymous. Jesus and Zaccheus, from An invitation for you, 8.21.10

    Anonymous. Flammarion Woodcut, from Just for you: a nice science & religion time sink, 9.16.10

    Anonymous. Maximus the Confessor, from What we have here is a failure to disbelieve, 10.14.10

    Anonymous. The Annunciation to Zechariah, from Advent I: The waiting may not be, in fact, the hardest part, 11.28.10

    Anonymous. Hanukkah, from On Hanukkah and the miraculous, 12.8.10

    Anonymous. Icon of St. Augustine of Hippo, from We like Gus, 1.22.11

    Anonymous. Woodcut of Meister Eckhart, from Why Eckhart matters, 2.12.11

    Anonymous. Jesus and the Rich Man, fromThe End of Faith? Bring it, 3.23.11

    Anonymous. Illumination of Adam and Eve from the Codex Aemilianensis, from Mind the gaps, 8.2.11

    Anonymous. Day of the Last Judgment, from The end of the world is coming. We object, 11.30.11


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