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    In which evolution makes me wonder about church

    Dear friends,

    Please check out these videos, hosted by yours truly. They have not yet been officially released but you’re hereby invited to take a sneak peek.

    The video above is the first of four I have worked on with Andrew Root, Tony Jones, David Wood, and the good people at Imago Creative. All four are now up on YouTube. They are free. Number 3 is my favorite. 

    The idea is to get youth and youth pastors talking about faith and science in an honest way (there is curriculum to go along with the videos). When topics like the big bang, evolution, and neuroscience are addressed in the church and by the church it moves the conversation away from antagonism and toward hope and cooperation.

    The videos, while marketed to youth and youth pastors, are appropriate for all who are interested in the dialogue between faith and science. The content is neither youth-specific nor pointy-headed.

    Thanks to Luther Seminary and the John Templeton Foundation for making this work possible.

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