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    When God shows up: sermon and interview on Day 1


    A COUPLE OF months ago I had a nice chat with Peter Wallace in the Day 1 studio here in Atlanta. We talked about grief, the book of Job, and what it means to really see the cosmos. I also read a sermon on this week’s lectionary reading — the only one this year from Job.

    Atlanta peeps: The interview and sermon will be broadcast this Sunday at 7:05 AM Sunday on WSB (750 AM, 95.5 FM).

    Non-Atlanta peeps: See this list of all Day 1 partner stations and times.

    Please note the time change Saturday night!

    From the sermon:

    Dad has been gone for several months now. My grief waxes and wanes. I might go a week or two without incident, but then grief kicks in and three things start to happen. First, I find myself tremendously annoyed by tiny setbacks: traffic, scheduling errors, bad weather. Second, simple tasks become difficult: I forget the names even of friends. I miss appointments and interstate exits, I lose track of what I’m doing. My mind seems to be taking a long nap and won’t be bothered. Third, and speaking of naps, I sleep a lot. In the morning it is hard to wake up, and I find myself longing to drift off in the middle of the day.

    But then, after days or maybe a week of this, something new happens.

    After Sunday you can listen to the sermon and interview here.

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