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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    Coming soon to theaters: 90 minutes of total wrongness

    Beware: as Phil Plait says, this trailer is “all head asplodey”

    Here’s a mind-boggler to start your week.

    Back in 2011 we at psnt.net reported on a Catholic splinter group that supports geocentrism. Headed by one Robert Sungenis, these guys sell the idea that the Earth stands still while the Sun (and the rest of the universe, literally) goes around it. You know, the whole medieval setup that collapsed in the 17th century.

    Apparently they’ve been hard at it the last few years and now they have their own movie. Yes. That’s right. An entire feature-length film on how, if science would only let God in, it would demonstrate how special human beings are, and it would do this by nailing the planet to the center of all things.

    I’ll pretty much let the trailer do the talking here. But I will mention three things. First, several prominent scientists who are featured in the film have no idea how they came to be in it. I’ll also mention that one fourth of adult Americans agree with geocentrism — fewer than this get plate tectonics wrong (!)

    Finally, I’ll point out that the model Sungenis seems to be promoting — an Earth-centered one, the one that Copernicus et al. overthrew — is not biblical. The medieval Earth-centered cosmos was more a product of Greek science and philosophy than of scripture. So this brings up the question: Is there enough room between Sungenis and the wall on the right for biblical cosmology advocates?

    I kind of doubt it, but who could have predicted a full-length documentary on the pleasures of geocentrism? With head-asplodey production value?

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    There are 4 Comments to "Coming soon to theaters: 90 minutes of total wrongness"

    • Todd Timberlake says:

      I actually want to see this film, but I’d like to find a way to do it that does not provide any financial support for the makers of the film. I have so many questions. How do they explain gravity? How do they explain the precession of a Foucault pendulum? How do they explain the aberration of starlight? How do they explain annual parallax of stars? How do they not fall down more often?

      I suspect that they are careful to NOT address any of the direct scientific evidence for the rotation and orbital motion of Earth. As long as you ignore anything that has happened since, say, 1650 then you can actually make a pretty good case for geocentrism. Giovanni Riccioli did it pretty well back then. But now, 364 years later, there is A LOT you must simply close your eyes to in order to make geocentrism work.

      Maybe I want to see this film for the same reasons people feel compelled to look at a car accidents.

      These folks had a conference a few years back near (but not on!) the campus of Notre Dame University, right after I was there for a History of Astronomy workshop. I guess once you’ve had a conference the next thing is to make a movie.

      Here is what I would truly love. This move shown in Mystery Science Theater 3000 style, with Neil de Grasee Tyson doing the commentary. THAT I would pay real money to see!


      • Paul Paul says:

        Yeah Todd, I want to see it too.

        Once I was in Gondolier there in Rome and Elizabeth was talking about something really important and personal. Trouble is, I could see a TV just over her shoulder. It was set on Fox Sports and it was showing a two-minute long montage of NASCAR crashes. It was torture to not watch it. With some things the spectacle is just too much. The Principle may be one of them.

        Maybe we can wait a year or two and find a DVD copy in the CVS bargain bin. Then a few of us can chip in a quarter apiece, pass it around, and not feel too bad about it.


    • Curtis says:

      Tell ya what. I’m going to head outside in a few minutes and try to catch tonights episode of the Lyrid Meteor shower. I promise to be careful and not walk to close to the edge of the flat earth. I’d hate to trip and fall off.

      ( And they got enough money together from real people to make a movie! That makes my head hurt. It also makes me glad I am not pastoring a church. A Baptist one. At my age and stage I could not resist tossing a match into that puddle of spilled gasoline. I would do it as sure a mama cat has little kittens.)

      P.S. And, these people vote.


      • Paul Paul says:

        Yes Curtis, what’s weird is that they got enough money together to make the thing. Or maybe Sungenis is really wealthy and this is basically a vanity project. I wonder how many folks are part of “Catholic Apologetics International,” his splinter group. Its website looks pretty thin.



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