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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    My favorite funny R&S post of 2011

    So many good things have been written this year about the sometimes-contentious, sometimes-mind-expanding, sometimes-hopeful relationship between science & religion. But there’s humor too, and the best funny thing I saw all year may be this strip. I found it at James McGrath’s Patheos blog, Exploring Our Matrix, but it has been featured by PZ Myers and has its origin (so far as I can tell) at reddit.

    I couldn’t let the year end without sharing it with all Beloved Readers.

    Happy New Year!


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    • Tom Harkins says:

      Interesting analogy. Turn the tables, however. Evolution says, “It’s chance over time.” A Creationist says, “But look at all the order and orgarnization!” “That can happen. It’s chance over time.” “But look at the existence of life, when inanimate matter cannot independently turn into life where there was none before?” “It happened somehow. It’s chance over time.” But look at the absence of intermediate fossils?” “Not to worry, some explanation exists. It’s chance over time.” “But what about the Big Bang phenomenon being inconsistent with how other scientific laws say things occur ‘normally’?” “Well, it could happen to start the universe. It’s chance over time.” “But I just don’t see the pieces coming together to look like chance over time, even though there are a bunch of pieces to look at. How can these things be?” “Have faith, brother. In the end all will see, ‘It’s chance over time.'”



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