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    And I was some of the mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud.

    -- Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

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    Ten irresisitibly brilliant blogs (and people) you should know

    Dennis Hopper (yes, that Dennis Hopper), Andy Warhol at Table, 1963. In our opinion, there are not, nor have there ever been, many people cooler or more irresistibly brilliant than Andy Warhol. Yet we at psnt.net have somehow managed to meet a sizable subset of this elite group through the Webbernets. Image source: Mayanthology

    Yesterday we received a happy compliment from one Melissa Bennett, who blogs at Pen, Paper, Prayer, telling us that psnt.net had made it onto her list of “Ten Most Irresistibly Brilliant Blogs.” We’re not making this up.

    It’s apparently a kind of pay-it-forward group appreciation thing. And when you think about it you’ll see that, with blogs, it’s blatantly superior to those annoying email forwarding disasters, because what it amounts to is the sharing of other people’s work for the benefit of everyone. As with all these kinds of deals, the idea is that we now provide a list of blogs that we like for the benefit of both our Alert Readers and fellow bloggers, and the thing just keeps propagating throughout the blogosphere.

    So, without any further nonsense, we give you psnt.net‘s 10 Most Irresisitibly Brilliant Blogs. These appear in no particular order.

    1. Rev. Brent L. White. Brent is a friend of ours who is currently on a trip to the Holy Land and is providing a spectacular play-by-play on his site. He is a deeply thoughtful minister who is equally adept at thinking and at loving his people. A rare combination, we tell you.

    2. Philosophy and Life. Written by Mark Vernon, a British writer and, well, philosopher of life. His wide-ranging thoughts are always compelling and well-presented.

    3. from synapse to byte. Run by Phil Stillwell, an American expatriate who resides in central Tokyo, from synapse to byte will satisfy anyone who is interested in having their faith tested by an uncompromising yet friendly rationalist. You will also want to check out these other pages run by Phil: Tokyo Graytone (his photography site) and Philozophee (“Philozovizing on Evreezing”).

    4. War for Science. Darren Wong is a self-described “16-year old atheist, skeptic and naturalist trying to publicize my thoughts in Malaysia.” He’s doing a good job, not only in Malaysia but around the world. He’s a pretty impressive guy; when we were Darren’s age, we were too busy listening to Led Zeppelin, rolling our Sunday school teachers’ houses, and watching M*A*S*H reruns to think about what we thought.

    5. I Think I Believe. This blog is maintained by Arni Zachariassen, a theology student at the University of Manchester. His engaging and often humorous look at the world of theology and culture makes this blog worth checking nearly every day. Arni posts very regularly and has a name that can only help him accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

    6. At the Feet of the Meister. We just discovered this one a couple of days ago. It’s a fairly new undertaking by Seth (don’t know his last name), who writes about the contemplative side of the Christian faith. A big fan of Meister Eckhart, Seth often reviews books from across a rather wide range of Christian topics. There are not many bloggers out there whose acquaintance with the Meister goes beyond a few pithy quotes, so it was a real joy for us to find this site.

    7. The Piety that Lies Between. Eric Reitan, a philosophy professor at Oklahoma State University, has placed a wonderful quote from Simone Weil at the top of his page. Taken alone, this fact makes his blog excellent; Weil is one of our Very Favorite Christians. Reitan is a deep thinker and often touches on issues of science and theology. His book, Is God a Delusion? A Reply to Religion’s Cultured Despisers, was named one of Choice’s Outstanding Academic Titles of 2009.

    8. A Thinking Reed. The author of this blog remains unnamed, but describes himself as “a thirty-something mainline Protestant, husband, new father, aspiring vegetarian, heavy metal aficionado, and coffee addict, currently living in Washington, D.C.” In many respects, ATR runs well outside psnt.net‘s topic horizon; for example, animal rights, environmentalism, Sarah Palin, and Iron Maiden are oft-mentioned. But it’s always informative and fun to read.

    9. Faith and Theology. This is a very popular blog run by Benjamin Myers, a professor of systematic theology at Charles Stuart University’s School of Theology in Sydney. The website is consistently fresh, newsy, and eminently readable. Plus, Benjamin’s Blogger photo features a button that reads, “Read more BARTH you bastards.” For us, that alone makes F&T a Very Important Blog.

    10. Bad Astronomy. Phil Plait is the Bad Astronomer. This site started out as Phil’s homebrewed blog (still available), but has since been picked up by Discover magazine. He’s a real go-to guy for questions about astronomy. For example, his current post is about misunderstandings regarding the scale of the Earth-Moon-Sun system, and it’s wonderful. Anytime you want to know something cool about the universe, or if you have a doubt about something you’ve read, check with Phil. If he hasn’t already answered the question, corrected the misunderstandings, or pointed out the bad science already, he’ll be happy to do it for you. The wit and verve are free of charge.

    A big Thank You goes out to Melissa, for judging psnt.net “irresistibly brilliant” in the first place.

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    There are 3 Comments to "Ten irresisitibly brilliant blogs (and people) you should know"

    • Sue says:

      Apart from At the Feet of the Meister all of the blogs you mention are quite mediocre. They are all extensions of the now world dominant ideology/paradigm of scientism – even those that presume to be religious.

      The Meister blog is the only one that even begins to address ultimate matters.


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